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Gould syndrome patient registry article
Epilepsy and related challenges in children with COL4A1 and COL4A2 mutations: A Gould syndrome patient registry
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2019 Nau
COL4A1 mutations in two infants with congenital cataracts and porencephaly: an ophthalmologic perspective
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2019 Labelle-Dumais
COL4A1 Mutations Cause Neuromuscular Disease with Tissue-Specific Mechanistic Heterogeneity
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2019 Watanabe
Malignant Hyperthermia and Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis After Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt in Infant with Schizencephaly and COL4A1 Mutation
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2019 Vitale
Cortical malformations and COL4A1 mutation: Three new cases
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2018 Zagaglia
Neurologic phenotypes associated with COL4A1/2 mutations
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2019 Jones
4-Sodium phenyl butyric acid has both efficacy and counter-indicative effects in the treatment of Col4a1 disease
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2018 Cavallin
Further refinement of COL4A1 and COL4A2 related cortical malformations
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2018 Hayashi
Use of sodium 4-phenylbutyrate to define therapeutic parameters for reducing intracerebral hemorrhage and myopathy in Col4a1 mutant mice
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2018 Ratelade
Severity of arterial defects in the retina correlates with the burden of intracerebral haemorrhage in COL4A1-related stroke
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