Research Papers

Research Papers are ordered by date, newest to oldest.  Click the paper name or read more link to see details (excerpt) and to access the file that is available for download. 
2010 Van Agtmael
Col4a1 mutation in mice causes defects in vascular function and low blood pressure associated with reduced red blood cell volume
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2009 Firtina
Abnormal Expression of Collagen IV in Lens Activates Unfolded Protein Response Resulting in Cataract
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2009 de Vries
COL4A1 Mutation in Two Preterm Siblings with Antenatal Onset of Parenchymal Hemorrhage
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2009 Mine
Intracerebral Hemorrhage and COL4A1 Mutations, from Preterm Infants to Adult Patients
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2007b Vahedi
Clinical and brain MRI follow-up study of a family with COL4A1 mutation
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2007 Sibon
COL4A1 Mutation in Axenfeld–Rieger Anomaly with Leukoencephalopathy and Stroke
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2007 Vahedi
COL4A1 Mutation in a Patient With Sporadic, Recurrent Intracerebral Hemorrhage
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2007 Gould
Col4a1 mutation causes endoplasmic reticulum stress and genetically modifiable ocular dysgenesis
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2007 Favor
Type IV Procollagen Missense Mutations Associated With Defects of the Eye, Vascular Stability, the Brain, Kidney Function and Embryonic or Postnatal Viability in the Mouse, Mus musculus: An Extension of the Col4a1 Allelic Series and the Identification of the First Two Col4a2 Mutant Alleles
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2006b Gould
Role of COL4A1 in Small-Vessel Disease and Hemorrhagic Stroke
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