2015 Takenouchi


COL4A1-associated disorders encompass a wide range of hereditary vasculopathy, including porencephaly and HANAC (adult- onset hemorrhagic stroke with cerebral aneurysm and retinal arterial tortuosity, renal cysts, and thenar muscle cramp). It remains elusive whether or not porencephaly and HANAC are molecularly distinctive disorders due to different classes of mutations. We report on a girl with porencephaly and an episode of microangiopathic hemolysis in infancy and her father with HANAC, both of whom had a heterozygous missense mutation of COL4A1 (c.3715G>A, p.G1239R). The current observation implies phenotypic diversities of COL4A1 mutations.

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Publish Date: 1 January 2015

Gould Syndrome Foundation