Ann Brown, PhD.

Board Member

Ann is an Assistant Professor in Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences and Director of theHuman Performance Laboratory at the University of Idaho. She earned a PhD from Florida State University where she began her research focused on the interactions between metabolism, body composition and performance and includes the effects of dietary and exercise interventions to optimize health and performance. She has a unique background in dance which is a featured aspect of her research with collegiate dancers. 

Ann is the mother to two children, Ada and Parrish. Ada suffered an in utero stroke and was diagnosed with Gould Syndrome in 2019 when she was 7 months old. Two years prior to Ada being born, Ann's husband, Asa Brown suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. At the time, Ann and Asa were not given any answers for what caused the event. It wasn't until two years later when Ada was born that they were to both have the COL4A1 mutation. Ann is a passionate advocate for her family. She is driven to make an impact and support other families affected by Gould Syndrome especially with regard to maintaining the health of all family members involved.

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